The first thing that I noticed about the MiMi SOFT by Je Joue was its upscale packaging. Je Joue packages their products with a thin cardstock box showing the product and a very nice inner box for storage.

This black storage box contained the MiMi Soft on one half and a compartment on the other. This compartment contains the user’s manual, the recharging cord, and a silky blindfold. Personally, I would have preferred a travel bag instead of the blindfold.

MiMi SOFT is a rechargeable clit vibrator. The magnetic clip on the charge cord is very convenient as it only attaches one way and does not leave a gap or hole in the toy. While charging, the MiMi SOFT has a small light that will blink. When it is fully charged, the light will stay on until detached from the cord. While it may be a little thing, I like a vibrator that lets me know when it is fully charged.  There is nothing worse than being close to orgasm and getting a power drain or losing power completely.

The MiMi  SOFT is ovaloid in shape; for those of you who didn’t do that great in geometry, it is egg shaped – actually more of a flattened out egg. It measures approximately 3.5” from tip to bottom and is about 2” at its widest. It fits perfectly in my hand.

MiMi SOFT is made of a hard abs plastic core encased by a thick layer of velvety soft silicone; though it does have a small plastic plate on the wide end surrounding the button/charging area. Since it is silicone, it can be washed with soap and water or wiped down with a 10% bleach solution. Although MiMi SOFT is waterproof, NEVER boil or put vibrators in the dishwasher.

While the flat sides of the vibe feel no different than most silicone covered toys, the edges are rather squishy, making the edges of the MiMi SOFT rather … well, softer. For about the first .5” of narrow end of the vibe there is nothing underneath the silicone; leaving the tip squishy and flexible, similar in feel to the Tenga Iroha line.

The wider end has three buttons: a plus sign, a minus sign and what looks to be a cross between a tilde and a sideways capital ‘S’. The charging clip attaches to the metal plus and minus sign buttons. Those buttons are fairly intuitive. The plus button turns the MiMi SOFT on and increases its power; while the minus sign decreases the power and turns it off. (To turn on or off the button must be held for 3 seconds.) The middle button is nearly flush with the unit and is used to change the pattern of the vibrations.

To be blunt, I am not a fan of this ‘new button’ design that Je Joue uses. I had major issues with the middle button on the FiFil, so was very apprehensive about trying them on the MiMi SOFT.

The MiMi SOFT has 5 level of vibration intensity ranging from very gentle to similar to low on the Magic Wand and 6 different patterns, for a total of 35 possibilities.

My Use & Thoughts

The Good:

Since I was able to orgasm with MiMi SOFT both in and out of the bathtub, I was impressed with its power. It is very rare that a rechargeable vibrator is strong enough for me to be happy with it.

I was also impressed by the volume of the vibrator. While it is not whisper silent, it is not loud even on high. It was; however, louder in my bathtub than I had hoped it would be and I was worried that I might have unexpected guests want to know what I was up to.

I found that holding the MiMi SOFT with 2 or 3 fingers around the edge with the tip on my clit and the button end up at about a 45° angle worked best for me. This felt the most natural as I was able to run the tip up and down the vulvar area without it taking up a lot of space should I also insert a dildo.

The Bad:

As with all clit vibrators that I have tried, my fingers (or hand) start to go numb with the high vibrations.

I am still not a fan of Je Joue’s buttons. I really, really, really wanted to like them. I love the fact that the plus/minus buttons are used as the charging ports. But I have issues with the buttons while I am using the MiMi SOFT. While I have no issues with utilizing the buttons with MiMi SOFT in front of me, using them while it was in use was impossible.

I could not tell which was plus and which was minus simply by feel; so instead of increasing the vibrations when I needed to, they went decreased.

But even worse was the middle button; I found it impossible to press in the bath or with lube on my hands. I will give Je Joue credit though that I was actually able to press the middle button easily while looking at the vibe; which was not the case with the FiFi.

There is no travel lock on the MiMi SOFT, but then there is no travel pouch either, so MiMi SOFT is not allowed to go anywhere.

The Ugly:

The blindfold is ridiculous. It is a strip of a thin black satin-like fabric measuring 2” by 47” with the Je Joue brand name stamped on one end. It looks like the waist tie of a bathrobe. I think someone at Je Joue read “50 Shades” and didn’t know that even a sleep mask would make a better blindfold. However, being a trooper, I did a scene while wearing it. After my dom stopped laughing, he was able to use the MiMi SOFT on me. As he could see it, he didn’t have my same button trouble.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like the MiMi SOFT. I like its strength, the way it fits in the hand, and its flexible tip. Though I would suggest finding a pattern you like first and sticking with it or better yet have a friend help you work the buttons.